Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Luxury Seafood Dinner

Last night, I attended a “seafood dinner” which was organized by Jin Sheng in @ Unique Seafood Restaurant; located in PJ.

There were 9 of us gathered for the gathering. We threw Candice a farewell since she has decided to go back to Ipoh to further her future undertakings.

The minute I stepped inside the restaurant; I was amazed by the restaurant which looked like an Aquarium to me.

There are varieties of seafood there and many of the sea creatures I have never seen before.
See this...

Scotland Clams

California Geoducks

Spider Crabs

Jin Sheng booked a VIP room to gather all of us. The room was equipped with a big plasma TV.
From left: Me, Ze Xiong, Jin Sheng and Kok Ping.

Special thanks to Jin Sheng who sponsored the red wine.
The red wine was bought from Chile and the taste of the wine was fine and nice.

Me and Terry, Weng Kit.

Here we of the night...
Geoduck from California and this meal cost us RM401... though, it was nice to see and nice to eat.

Look at the meat...It was extremely fresh... Yummy yummy.

According to Ryan, Yoong Loong; the geoduck is nice to eat by soak inside the herbal soup for few seconds. Though, I prefer to eat the raw one with wasabi.

Wasabi...looked like..

Mussels serving with soup. According to Weng Kit; this kinds of mussel was once upon a time living under the deep blue sea and was diffcult to find. However, It could easily get now right after the incident of Tsunami due to the big waves have dashed out the mussels to the shore.

Ostrich... Jin Sheng's favourie.

A seasonal vege- translated directly from Chinese is "Green Dragon Vege".

Delicious "Lou Fu Pan".

And, the most expensive dish of the night- Spider Crab.

Spider crab cooked with salty egg.

Dessert- Chilled Mango with sagu.

Posting infront of the cam.

Ohohoho, I like this photo very much. The shark looked vivid. Nice shoot from Kok Ping.
Special thanks to Jane as well cos most of the photos were taken by her.

And... the bill of the dinner is....RM 1, 572.05. The service charge and 5% government tax are already RM200.

As such, It was a luxury dinner. However, I enjoyed the food and the moments I spent with my beloved friends... I wish you was pay the bill for us. Hohoho....
Here the address and contact number:
Lot9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Ph: 03-79602088


Jane Kong said...

It was really very enjoyable!!! Hhahahah... once in a while right? So the next time will be next year or longer?

Sallykok said...

Jane, It should be longer i guess. Haha. Yup, once in a while then it should be fine. We tasted some "unique" seafood which we never taste before right?

Jane Kong said...

Hhahaha.. yaya.. It's really very unique!!

Rapchael said...

What dinner is that?
So expensive...

Sallykok said...

Rap, as i mentioned; It was "a unique and luxury dinner" Haha.