Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why do Men cheat?

Recently, media is spreading a new about Tiger Wood is cheating his wife Elin Norgegren; who he has been married for six years. And, it's so frequent it may seem that most of the million dollars men who has engaged or has a family themselves cheat on theirs' wives or partner.

Some media reported that Tiger Wood should have at least 11 mistress. Can you imagine?

On and off, there is a new cheating case report in the newspaper and the affair of the married men is neverending. It seems that most of the men in the earth are unfaithful in their lives.

Well, let's take look on these celebrities...

Back in year 2004, the world famous Mr. charming David Beckham was having an affair with Rebecca Loos; who was his personal assistant. Well, we all knew that David Beckham is having a gorgeous wife- Victoria Beckham who's a mother of 3 David's sons.
In 2005, the fairy tale romance of Brad Pitt and Jenifer Anistion ended with divorce. During their wedding in 2000, the couple spent USD 1 mil for the wedding and Jen's wedding ring was designed by Brad. As reported, Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie had a relationship while they filmed "Mr and Mrs Smith". And, they're officially "Mr and Mrs Pitt" now.

Black Eyed Peas core singer- Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel was reported had an affair with stripper Nicole Forrester after 9 months of their marriage.

The host of the "late show"- David Letterman shocked his audiences after confessing his sexual affair with female employees.

Sir Charming Jude Law had an affair with the nanny and causing his split with Sienna Miller.

Not forget to mention here, Asia's famous Kung Fu star- Jackie Chan had an affair with one of the HK movie star before. Jackie has a good wife who quit her career as an actress during her peak time.
Other than million dollars men, some of the "plebeians" do cheat too. Is man borns to be a liar?
It's just their "natural" or " is their "instinct of curiosity"? Well, there are some good men out there too. However, there are only 20% - 30% of the men in the earth that won't cheat.
These are some reasons that I think why men cheat:
1. Certainly, it needs two hands to clap. One of the reasons why do men cheat is; they're having a demanding, fussy and grumpy wife or girlfriend who wants everything to be perfect and deliver on time. Whenever her man cannot satisfy her needs; they will create a havoc.
As such, we can see that most of the men have affair with those gals who are tender because
men could find a peace of mind there and they could get what they want there too.
2. Men cheat to keep them satisfy, they need excitement especially when they're rich and have a representative status in the society. They're just playing around and claiming that they're not giving 100% of love to the mistress. Some men may think that affair will keep them "young" and in love again.
3. Men are born to be flirtatious, they like to fool around and sleep with gals.

I could not think more factors that causing men cheat. However, if a man who really loves his partner, please do not tear her apart by cheat on her. Relationship is about sharing and giving.
Imagine, your other half is doing the same thing to you, cheat on you and rise a cute guy outside there; would you feel hurt too?
So, whenever, a couple is having a problem, try to talk to each other. Just don't give up and WORK it out. Relationship is not always happy and end up like fairy tale especially in a hectic working environment now. whenever there is a problem, just try putting some efforts to solve the problem or trying to communicate with each other.

Remember, during the initial stage of the relationship, both were enjoyed and loved each other so much, never ever ruin your relationship by running to other womon/ man. Because, eventually, the same problem will occur in the future.
It's going to 1 am and I need to go to bed now. If you ask me, why on earth that i blog this topic out? It just cross my mind while i read an article about Tiger Wood affair today.
Certainly, i am not an expert to talk about this;i just share to you all. Enjoy reading!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy 2010!

It’s been an “age” since I last blog. If you ask me, what on earth that I am busying with lately? Well, I myself have no clue on that. Sometime, I din even turn on my laptop for 2 to 3 weeks; can you imagine that? My laptop is used to be part of my life and I feel sorry for it that I do not use it as frequent as I used to be last time.

My last update back in August was the one that Jane wanted me to come out as she told me that there was no update of my blog since June. To abandon my blog; this is not what I want. Initially, I set up the blog, my intention is to convey the knowledge or to share whatever I have/know. Since it’s New Year, I gotta write something before the clock turns 12am.

Looking back my 2009 New Year resolutions; Emm…how many of it that I really achieved?

Summary of 2009 New Year Resolutions:

1. Increase personal's wealth (ok, not too bad).
2. At least two sports a week (80% achieved).
3. Free from doctor and away from medi (still ok, 60%)
4. Cut down the unnecessary cost (all the things that I bought, I think they are all essential and necessary).
5. More loves and cares for my family (still have space for improvement)
6. Control my emotion- rarely happen (90% achieved).
7. Work smart (always doing it)
8. Travel to...Egypt? Gotta be realistic...visit China, Korea or Australia by end of this year. (nope, I only travelled to Phuket and Krabi last year).
9. Read more (spent most of the time reading).
10. Finally...be happy! (I guess, I am).

Looking back my 2009, how was it? And, what were the most memorable things that I ‘ve done for 2009?

Firstly, I think I was a better person in 2009.

Secondly, I have my own home.

Thirdly, peace… and I really appreciate and thanks GODs that answering my prayers of all times.

Well, here are my 2010 New Year resolutions…

1. Increase my personal’s wealth.

2. Keep exercise (I decided to keep myself so fit that even I have turned 50/60, my body figure stays the same, hehehe).

3. Lesser visit to doctor.

4. Cut down the unnecessary expenses.

5. More loves and cares to my family.

6. Cook more delicious food.

7. Work smart.

8. Travel to overseas (I have at least two oversea trips this year on my hands so far, hehehe).

9. Be a better person.

10. Finally, be happy!

Okay, I am here to wish all of you have a happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy and lovely 2010!!!

Last but not least, remember to LOVE and SAVE the EARTH!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally...me, my sis and father have moved into our new home. If you ask me; I would say the process of house purchasing, renovating, painting, and moving out and in; covered sweets and sours.

During last Nov while the S & P Agreement had been signed by me and my sis; we both felt happy and excited. We have been discussing to each other on how we were going to deco the house most of the time before the house key has been obtained.

The sour parts covered the processing of the house. It took us for more than 6 months to get the house key (without the consent of the state, the processing of a house should not be more than 3 months). After the key had been obtained; there were a lot of things to deal with. Eg, shop around for the furniture, household stuff, deal with the contractors, paint, clean...and I was actually exhausted.

The sweetest part is- finally me and my sis have our own place already. The feelings of owning a house are just warm and great. My family members could stay here whenever they wish or I could invite my friends to come over and have a gathering here whenever we want. Isn't it just nice? My sis is being a couch potato now and I am glad that I can own a room.

Well, I would like to thanks my sister- Trace who holds 50% shares of the house. Thank you for let "our" dream came true. Thanks to my papa who sponsored the kitchen cabinet, tiles, doors...and spent his valuable times to monitor the progress of the renovation. Thanks to my mama who bought us the furnace for the housewarming, cooking materials and cooked for us here for a week. Thanks to my bf and Brandon for helped us to paint, clean and bought us the gifts for the house. Thanks to my grandparents, brothers, uncles, aunties, cousin and cousin-in-law. You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for the ang pau as well. Hahaha. Last but not least, thanks to my GOD that answering my calls and I appreciate it.

Thanks to all my friends who are caring. Welcome to our home!!!

Living Room- gotta mention here, the house is designed by me and my sis.

Divider in the living room.

One side of the divider is displaying the model of the "Eye of London and London Bridge". A gift from Patrick which he brought back from London during CNY. Thank you my friend!!! Really appreciate.

A big picture displaying the "City of Paris" at night. I like the picture very much and it certainly a picture which full of imagination and illusion.

Dining place- The displays of the wall are actually a clock.

Kitchen- I forgot to take photo at the other side of the kitchen cabinet.

My room- The display on the wall is purchased from Krabi. Whereas, the quilt is from IKEA.

The arm chair is a gift from my bf- Simon. Surreptitiously; he bough and moved the chair to my room while I went back to hometown. At first, the room was a bit dim and dismal at night. It's now warm, lightful and lovely with the extra lamp and armchair. Thanks for the gifts and they really made me surprise and happy.

The other side of my room. The color of the book shelf is to match with my table. Well, i guess my sister's room is more warmer than mine cos her room is painted with pink and peach color.

The most expensive thing I have purchased so far...$$$ flied. Though, happy. Good night to all of you and Cheers!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Luxury Seafood Dinner

Last night, I attended a “seafood dinner” which was organized by Jin Sheng in @ Unique Seafood Restaurant; located in PJ.

There were 9 of us gathered for the gathering. We threw Candice a farewell since she has decided to go back to Ipoh to further her future undertakings.

The minute I stepped inside the restaurant; I was amazed by the restaurant which looked like an Aquarium to me.

There are varieties of seafood there and many of the sea creatures I have never seen before.
See this...

Scotland Clams

California Geoducks

Spider Crabs

Jin Sheng booked a VIP room to gather all of us. The room was equipped with a big plasma TV.
From left: Me, Ze Xiong, Jin Sheng and Kok Ping.

Special thanks to Jin Sheng who sponsored the red wine.
The red wine was bought from Chile and the taste of the wine was fine and nice.

Me and Terry, Weng Kit.

Here we go...food of the night...
Geoduck from California and this meal cost us RM401... though, it was nice to see and nice to eat.

Look at the meat...It was extremely fresh... Yummy yummy.

According to Ryan, Yoong Loong; the geoduck is nice to eat by soak inside the herbal soup for few seconds. Though, I prefer to eat the raw one with wasabi.

Wasabi...looked like..

Mussels serving with soup. According to Weng Kit; this kinds of mussel was once upon a time living under the deep blue sea and was diffcult to find. However, It could easily get now right after the incident of Tsunami due to the big waves have dashed out the mussels to the shore.

Ostrich... Jin Sheng's favourie.

A seasonal vege- translated directly from Chinese is "Green Dragon Vege".

Delicious "Lou Fu Pan".

And, the most expensive dish of the night- Spider Crab.

Spider crab cooked with salty egg.

Dessert- Chilled Mango with sagu.

Posting infront of the cam.

Ohohoho, I like this photo very much. The shark looked vivid. Nice shoot from Kok Ping.
Special thanks to Jane as well cos most of the photos were taken by her.

And... the bill of the dinner is....RM 1, 572.05. The service charge and 5% government tax are already RM200.

As such, It was a luxury dinner. However, I enjoyed the food and the moments I spent with my beloved friends...
Patrick...how I wish you was there...to pay the bill for us. Hohoho....
Here the address and contact number:
Lot9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Ph: 03-79602088

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fallen of a Star- Michael Jackson

This morning while I was driving to work and listening to Hitz.fm; surprisingly, MJ’s song- “Man In a Mirror” was on air. Since I know the song well, I turned the radio station to Fly FM; again, another MJ’s song- “Remember The Time” was playing. Out of curiosity, I turned the radio station to Mix.fm; another MJ’s song- Dangerous was on air.

Suddenly I was standing in amazement… “ Dun tell me MJ…” I whispered to myself and then the DJ announced that the radio station was paying tribute to MJ by playing MJ’s songs the whole day. A big shock to me and tears started filled in my eyes (I am one of his fans).

Well, I am regretting now that I did not go for his “Live concert” which held in Malaysia in year 1997 (if I am not mistaken). I was just standard 2 or 3 during that time and without the support from my family; I was psychically and financially not allowed to go for the concert. Gosh…the moral of the lesson is “Fight for your favo whenever you stand a chance; regardless how small the chance would be”.

After MJ, there should be no more King of Pop and no one could compete with him as biggest pop sensations of all time. Since, the radio stations are playing marathons of his greatest hits and millions of tearful fans are paying tribute to him; let’s join the globe paying tribute to the greatest and miracle man of all time.

MJ, your legend would widespread from generation to generation; we’re gonna miss you…

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beauty Talk- Sekkisei KOSE Products

Ladies, I have just changed my skin care products from Clinique to Sekkisei Kose products month ago and I found Sekkisei Kose products are awesome and I would like to share these amazing products with you all.

My face has never wash by beautician so it’s important for me to pick for the right products and before I tried for Sekkisei Kose products, I solely relied on Clinique 3 steps cleansing kits. Since my Clinique products were almost finished last month; Sekkisei Kose products were then introduced to me by my sister’s colleague- Jonan. Special thanks to Jonan for offered me the samples of the products.

Speaking about Sekkisei Kose, it’s a Japanese product. The objective to create Sekkisei product is to focus on “Skin is transparent like snow” which is matching its Chinese name- 雪肌精.

And then, I waited for the Kose promotion which held on Mid Valley during end of April. No doubt, it costs me a fortune to buy the products. However, the price is worth for the products.

Here we go for Sekkisei Kose Products.
- Sekkisei Lotion
- Sekkisei Emulsion
- Sekkisei Clear Lotion
- Sekkeisei Eye Cream

The above mentioned are the products that I bought during Kose promotion fair in April (refer pic below).

The products below are all Free Gifts.
And, the bunch of free gift itself worth more than RM450.

Hohoho, till now; I am yet to use some of the free gifts but I know the result of the products is amazing coz one of my colleagues- Sharen who is also using the Sekkisei Kose has a good complexion and her skin is more transparent now compare to last time.

Ohh ya, with the voucher that I bought during the fair, I was entitled to have a self-portrait which taken by the professional photographer. Before the photo being taken, they have make-up artists and hairstylists there to tranform the holder of the voucher to "model" by ran thru the "beautification process".
Due to time constrain and I dun really felt like waiting there just to get a photo shoot; I din get my hair done and the make-up artist only did some light make up for me (though, others who surrounding me have better make-up than mine). And, I only let the photographer took two of my photos; whereas the rest who were waiting there shoot more than 6 times.

See, this is my best shoot and judge on the pic, I would never stand a chance to compete with the contestants of ANTM- America Next Top Model cos I looked rigid and not vivid. But who cares? And guess what? One of the personnel who printed out my photo thought I was only 22. :p

I took the pic below right after two weeks I have tried for the products. I did not apply any foundation on my face, NOT even a light foundation. However; I did apply concealer under my dark dark eyes here. (no choice, I have a pair of panda eyes). And now, whenever I go out for a date or work; no foundation apply on my face anymore. sometimes, I only apply blushes on my face to make myself more lively. Frankly, I love the products...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New American Idol Crowned

Kris Allen, 23 years old has just crowned the 2009’s American Idol title few days ago.

Surprisingly, many would say. Before the result show, it was Adam Lambert who had been expected to be crowned champion as most of the judges had been appeared to be leaning towards Adam during the finale show.

Not only the panel judges; me and most of my friends and colleagues thought that Adam would gonna win in this competition. However, the result…JUST UPSET US!!! And, I guess Adam’s supporters were all stunned right after the champion had been called out.

No offence to Kris; he is a talented singer and he has a talent to compose nice songs. Besides that, it is really difficult to begrudge Kris as he is always humble and sweet.

Throughout this competition, Adam is flamboyant, stylish and he definitely a “star”. Gees, why he could not crown the Idol title??? After the result, it shown that, over 100 million of votes; Americans appeared to like Kris Allen more than Adam Lambert, what can I say? It was American’s choice.

Well, I genuinely hope that Adam will get a recording contract from a music firm even he does not crown the AI’s title (he is now in talk with 19 Entertainment to come out his solo-album). Hope to hear his song in the radio soon. Same go to Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.

You may download the following latest songs sung by the idols in American idol’s official website:
http://www.americanidol.com/ using iTunes.

1. Come rain or come shine - Danny Gokey
2. One - Adam Lambert
3. Crying - Adam Lambert
4. Heartless - Kris Allen
5. Apologize - Kris Allen